Safety Rules

Jungle Jumps – Event & Party Rentals LLC 
Safety Rules and Emergency Procedures 
Each inflatable Product contains a sign attached and affixed to the Product that includes the following safety rules: 
  • Supervision by a qualified attendant is required at all times. 
  • The ride must be securely tied down (see operating instructions). 
  • The blower requires a ground fault protected circuit (GFCI). 
  • Do not use, and immediately deflate the ride, if winds exceed 15 MPH (25 KPH) and/or when it rains, ride cannot be installed at temperatures below 45F.
  • Individuals who may be particularly susceptible to injury from falls, bumps, or bouncing should not use this product. You should consult a physician before using this Product. 
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses and any sharp object. 
  • No food, drinks, gum, pets or silly string. 
  • Somersaults, diving wrestling, rough play and flips are prohibited. 
  • Play at a safe distance from others and away from the side and entrances/exits. 
  • Do not jump onto or off the ride. 
  • Exit immediately if the unit begins to lose air. 
  • Go down the slide feet first only, one rider at a time for each lane. 
  • No climbing up the slide the wrong way, nor jumping on to the slide area. 
Additional Safety Rules 
  • No riders should be allowed on a partially inflated Product. 
  • All inflatables should be securely anchored and fully inflated before any riders are allowed onto or into the Product. 
  • Maximum number of riders shall not exceed Equipment’s Capacity as listed in the Rental Agreement. At no time shall the combined weight of the riders exceed 600 lbs. 
  • Rider height must be a minimum of 36” to use, participate, or enter into or onto the Equipment. Maximum rider height must not exceed 60”. 
  • Under no circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed. 
  • Adult supervision is required at all times while the Equipment is partially inflated, inflated, or in use. At least one adult must supervise the entrance/exit at all times. 
  • Do not install, use, or inflate the Equipment near a pool. 
  • Caution should be exercised when lifting and handling the Equipment. 
  • All extension cords and straps should be placed in such a manner that not one can trip on them. Electrical cords should NOT be near puddles or near a pool. Never remove the ground pin from the cord. 
The Attendant/Supervisor, before operating the Equipment, must familiarize themselves with the Equipment’s entrance, exit, and any escape hatches. In the event that power is interrupted and the Equipment begins to lose air, the Attendant/Supervisor must guide all the rider to calmly and orderly leave, get off of, get out of, and vacate the Equipment via the nearest or safest entrance/exit. 
By accepting the Equipment, the Lessee agrees to abide by and adhere to the aforementioned safety rules.